31 Miles in May

Move it for Mental Health

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week will you take on our 31 Miles in May challenge?

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Weeks theme is movement.
The move it for mental health 31 Mile Challenge is a great way to fundraise at such an important time in the mental health calendar.
You can walk, run, cycle, or skip – whichever suits you.

Set yourself a route, or just freestyle it! Registration is free and you have a fundraising target of £100 all of our fundraising heros who reach their target will receive a Mental Health UK medal to wear with pride!

£29,463 raised

£25,000 Goal

£29,463 raised

£25,000 Goal



£25,000 could enable us to deliver 75 local community support groups for 6 weeks, providing safe spaces for people to speak openly about mental health and to support each other without discrimination


Set up your fundraising account to create your fundraising page. You can personalise your page whilst registering or aftet your page is set up.


Once you are happy with your page its time to get those donations rolling in by sharing your page with family, friends, collegues and encourage them to share with their networks as well.

Change lives

Every penny you raise helps change the lives. 

Get connected, track progress and join our Move it for Mental Health community.

Track your progress and get your digital milestone medals along the way. Dont forget to share your success on your fundraising page.




Fundraise with us join #TeamMentalHealthUK