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31 Miles in May: Move it for Mental Health 2024

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I am taking part in Move it for Mental Health! Please support me and donate today.

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I have hit 38miles!

Wednesday 29th May
My account didn't load so I thought i was still on 26-27 miles, but I have realised now that I have achieved the 31 miles and more!

All to go is a small donation to my team Active Minds, and we would have raised £100 for Mental Health UK!

Thank you to everyone who has donated or supported us so far :)

Hello everybody! This is an introduction to my account:

Saturday 13th Apr
Today I found out about the 31 Miles In May fundraiser, and wondered if its something that I would like to do. I decided it would be a good idea and went to make an account and a team, Active Minds. I liked the idea of fundraising for others mental health's, as I have struggled rather severely with mine for years now, and want as little people to go through what I have to as possible, because it is not easy to deal with. 

Even struggles like insecurities, physical or mental conditions, or loneliness can really take a toll on our day to day lives. Although it is common, it is still something you deserve help and support for. 

On the side, I thought of it as a way to stay active and motivated, which is also a struggle for me, with my mental health issues and moderate ADHD all effecting productivity and motivation.

 I hope that you can follow me on my fund raising journey and potentially donate to me or my team Active Minds to support us in our mission!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michelle Dear

Wow! Evie you are fundraising for such an important cause. You are fantastic 💕




Kirsty Allen

So proud of you. I'm with you every step of the way sweetheart xx

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